Our Partner

Our Sole Partner in Pakistan Messer Dollar Enterprises is Nasir Naveed , Overseas Employment Promoter's having valid License No. OP & MPD/1907/RWP issued by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development.

Our Sole Partner in Pakistan Messer Professional Visa Services is Nasir Hanif S/o Muhammad Hanif Khan, Overseas Employment Promoter's having valid License No. OP & HRD/3555/RWP/2014 issued by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development.

This section maintains VISA records, documents, and all endorsements. It also maintains liaisons with various high commission and government offices in Rawalpindi helps the candidates to obtain their VISA.



We realized that selecting a component candidate is a responsible job and a slight human flaw can lead to missing of a vital candidate. We thus maintain computerized processing and data banking. Our data has job-wise segregation, with more than 80,000 registered job seekers, to enhance the capability and availability of most suitable candidates. M/s Professional Visa Services screens several candidates and shortlist's the most competent candidates.



Aa a matter of fact only healthy and professional manpower can guarantee proper mobilization of the projects. Therefore, we had adopted a very strict recruitment policy and the Security of candidates to select suitable workers for clients.



Depending on the numbers/position required to be selected, we workout the planning schedule and procedures. We are maintaining well-updated data of more than 2000 applicant's records. If the required position is not ordinary; we search through the data bank. Screen the CV thoroughly in relation to the required position; verify the authenticity of the copies of certificates and testimonials of each candidate.

If the candidate is available and meet all the requirements of the client, we forward the CV along with all relevant certificates/testimonials and passport size photos by courier, Email & Fax abroad. We receive the client's shortlist, we arrange seminars/interviews/trade tests as per instruction by them. Upon the success of the seminars/interview/trade tests (the final list is prepared by the visiting foreign delegation) fills their remarks in the pro-printed evaluation sheet and finalized the candidate's selection. Upon finalization of the candidate's selection and client's approval, the VISA and other required documentation processing start by us.

Following service is offered in connection with the recruitment of candidates.

  • To arrange the Passport.
  • To arrange the Police Clearance Certificate.
  • To arrange the International Driving Licence (If required).
  • To arrange the Medical Reports etc.
  • To arrange the Air Tickets.